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About me

Thank you very much for stopping by Mori Books' website. I am a visual artist and writer. This website is dedicated to my children's picture books. 

My first children's picture book Mori the perfect dog was inspired by my dog, Mori. He loves to roll in muddy puddles but as you can see when he is clean, he is super fluffy and white as a cloud. The 2nd Mori book Mori vs. Vegetables was inspired by Mori's spunky sister Ina and her love for carrots. Together these two fluffy clouds inspire me everyday to live in the moment, be happy and be extremely thankful. 


Proceeds from Mori books go towards helping dog rescue groups. Here is one of my favorite rescue organizations:


I am currently brainstorming for additional picture books and of course painting my favourite subjects- fur, sea and land. 



Email contact:

Artwork website: 

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