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About me

Thank you very much for stopping by Mori Books' website. I am a visual artist based in Toronto, Canada.  This website is dedicated to my children's picture books which are a passion project stemming from my love for dogs. 

Mori the perfect dog was inspired by my beloved dog, Mori. He's the one with the darker nose in this picture. Mori loved to roll in muddy puddles but as you can see when he was clean, he was super fluffy and white as a cloud. Sadly Mori is no longer by my side but his memory lives on and he continues to inspire me everyday. His legacy of spreading love and joy continues on through his books. He really was as lovable as he is in his books! 

The 2nd Mori book Mori vs. Vegetables was inspired by Mori's spunky sister Ina and her love for carrots. We also recently welcomed a new fluffy brother for Ina, named Mr. Big aka Biggie. We are pretty sure Mori sent Biggie to cheer us up after he left us. Stayed tuned as there might be more books in the works with Biggie's debut in one of them! 



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